Table 3

Correlations between changes (Δ) in fat compartments, liver fat and aerobic fitness during 9 months of follow-up in all subjects

Δ SCATΔ VATΔ Liver fatΔ VO2,max
rp Valuerp Valuerp Valuerp Value
Δ TAT0.85<0.00010.82<0.00010.48<0.0001−0.270.0004
Δ SCAT0.74<0.00010.44<0.0001−0.280.0003
Δ VAT0.45<0.0001−0.280.0002
Δ Liver fat−0.220.005
  • SCAT, TAT and VAT were measured by magnetic resonance tomography and liver fat by magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

  • SCAT, subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue; TAT, total adipose tissue; VAT, visceral adipose tissue.