Table 1 Prebiotic-associated changes in gut microbiota
Bacterial contentOb-CTOb-CellOb-Pre
Total bacteria5.74a (2.05)4.30b (0.38)8.07c (1.05)
Bifidobacterium spp4.65a (1.58)3.38b (0.37)6.35c (1.10)
Lactobacillus spp4.93a (1.76)3.79a (0.38)7.16b (1.40)
Clostridium coccoides–Eubacterium rectale cluster3.65a (1.37)2.72a (0.20)6.41b (1.27)
  • Results are given as the log DNA copies/caecal content (SD).

  • Data are mean with the SD.

  • Data with different superscript letters are significantly different p<0.05, according to the post hoc ANOVA statistical analysis.

  • CT, Cell and Pre, respectively, refer to the selected ob/ob mice fed a normal-diet, non-prebiotic control diet or prebiotic diet.