Table 2 Changes in the gut microbiota upon administration of prebiotics impacts on portal plasma gut peptides
Gut peptideOb-CTOb-CellOb-Pre
GLP-1 (active) (pmol/l)7.65a (1.52)7.71a (1.62)21.15b (6.71)
GIP (total) (pg/ml)207.91a (37.76)180.71a (27.53)114.02b (16.92)
Pancreatic polypeptide (pg/ml)68.07a (8.45)75.94a (6.56)50.05b (2.67)
Amylin (active) (pg/ml)358.87a (36.12)364.99a (45.07)504.90b (58.34)
GLP-2 (ng/ml)0.56a (0.06)0.62a (0.04)0.75b (0.05)
  • Data are mean (SEM).

  • Data with different superscript letters are significantly different at p<0.05, according to the post hoc ANOVA statistical analysis.

  • CT, Cell and Pre, respectively, refer to the selected ob/ob mice, fed a normal diet, non-prebiotic control diet or prebiotic diet. GIP, glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide; GLP, glucogon-like peptide.