Table 5

Extracolonic findings in FOBT-positive participants

C-RADS classification*No of participants†Type of E4 findings‡Additional procedures
E1138 (42.6%)
E2164 (50.6%)
E313 (4.0%)Imaging: 3
E410 (3.1%)Aortic aneurysm: 2Imaging: 12
Iliac aneurysm: 1Operation: 2
Extracolonic mass: 8
Lung nodules: 2
  • *C-RADS classification:22 E1 normal exam or anatomical variant; E2 clinically unimportant finding (eg, liver or kidney cysts); E3 probably unimportant finding (eg, indeterminate renal lesions); E4 potentially important finding (eg, aortic aneurysm, solid mass in liver or kidney).

  • †Numbers represent all participants that received a CTC scan (thus also participants that refused a colonoscopy after CTC and participants with a CTC that was of insufficient quality for polyp detection)

  • ‡All extracolonic findings found in 9 participants.

  • C-RADS, CTC Reporting and Data System; FOBT, faecal occult blood test.