PT-247 Table Costs of care pre and post-infliximab
Mean cost per patient pre-IFXMean cost per patient post-IFXMean cost saving per patient post-IFX95% CIp Value
Medication costs£681.37£473.92£207.46£76.51 to £338.410.002
Radiology costs£311.39£73.58£237.81£161.78 to £313.85<0.001
Endoscopy costs£347.29£57.69£289.59£183.51 to £395.67<0.001
Surgery costs£345.24£132.69£212.54£128.61 to £533.700.22
Outpatient visit costs£473.83£356.12£117.71£42.83 to £192.590.003
Blood test costs£50.07£38.88£11.19£0.43 to £21.940.04
Inpatient stay costs£2638.98£703.59£1935.39£947.83 to £2922.95<0.001
Total costs£4848.34£1836.47£3011.86£1786.14 to £4237.59<0.001
  • IFX, infliximab.