Table 1

Clinical details of the study patients

No (%)
Sex (M:F)63:30
Age (years; mean/range)57 (21–82)
Aetiology of pancreatitis
    Alcoholic28 (30)
    Biliary43 (46)
    Post-ERCP*5 (5)
    Other†17 (18)
Predominant signs and symptoms
    Sepsis‡66 (71)
    Abdominal pain82 (88)
    Gastric obstruction/vomiting65 (70)
    Bile duct compression19 (20)
    Splenoportal thrombosis33 (36)
    Pancreatic ascites39 (42)
    Pleural effusion24 (26)
    Spontaneous perforation into gastrointestinal tract10 (11)
Delay from onset of symptoms to first necrosectomy
    <10 days2 (2)
    10–20 days21 (23)
    21–40 days33 (36)
    41–60 days18 (19)
    >61 days19 (20)
Main location of cavity
    Head and head/body21
    Body and tail42
    Entire pancreas30
    Cavity size (cm; mean/range)11.4 (4.0–25.0)
  • *Including one patient with endoscopic papillectomy.

  • †Including two postoperative, one due to panarteriitis nodosa, one ischaemic and two cases with no other findings but pancreas divisum.

  • ‡As defined by one of the following: fever, C-reactive protein raised >8× upper limit of normal, bacteraemia, positive culture from cavity biopsy.

  • ERCP, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.