Table 3

Patients’ reported quality of life on long-term follow-up

Patients with initial endotherapy success (87%) (n = 75)Patients with initial surgery (failure of endotherapy) (13%) (n = 11)
Duration of follow-up (in the remaining patients)Mean, 50 months; range 15–96 monthsMean, 53 months; range 15–93 months
(n = 68)Per cent (of 68)(n = 11)Per cent (of 11)
Working status
    Still working3247436
    Retired (due to age)3146655
    Retired (due to disease)5719
Number of patients reporting difficulties with …
    Carrying heavier loads1928436
    Walking around the block710327
    Leaving the house5719
    Basic activities6900
Number of patients who since necrosectomy had …
    To change their diet4262436
    Lost weight91319
    Fever or chills4619
    Felt bloated1725436
Self-assessment score
0 (very good) to 10 (very poor)
    Physical condition2.47 (range, 0–10)3.82 (range, 0–10)
    Quality of life2.35 (range, 0–10)3.54 (range, 0–10)
  • Differences to 100% are due to rounding to complete numbers.