Table 4

Summary of results

DataNo (%)Comments
Endoscopic access93
Initial data
    Success75 (81)
    Surgery rate12 (13)8 due to failure, 4 due to complications
    Complications24 (26)See text
    Mortality7 (7.5)2 during endotherapy, 5 during initial hospitalisation
Long-term data
    Clinical success63 (68)*
    Recurrent cavity8 (9)
    Recurrent pancreatitis15 (16)
    Delayed surgery3 (3)
    Late mortality7 (7.5)*One related to pancreatitis
    Initial surgery12 (13)
    Initial surgical mortality1 (1)
Initial mortality7
    Air embolism1
    Sepsis non-surgical4
    Postoperative (sepsis)1
Late mortality
    For unrelated reasons6
    Related to pancreas†1
  • *Six out of seven patients who died during follow-up were counted as having had initially successful pancreatic endotherapy (see table 2).

  • †Including endotherapy or surgery.