Table 1

Curcumin effects on bile flow and composition in wild type and Mdr2−/− mice

Bile flow (μl/g LW/min)1.3±0.21.7±0.2‡1.2±0.21.8±0.2†
Bile acids (nmol/g LW/min)28.1±6.538.2±10.127.4±1.730.1±14.4
Cholesterol (nmol/g LW/min)0.6±0.20.6±0.10.1±0.0*0.2±0.0*
Glutathione (nmol/g LW/min)4.0±0.78.4±1.4‡1.2±0.3*4.9±1.1†
Phospholipids (nmol/g LW/min)4.5±0.74.7±1.10.3±0.1*0.5±0.1*
  • * p<0.05 Mdr2−/− and Mdr2−/−+Cu vs WT.

  • p<0.05 Mdr2−/−+Cu vs Mdr2−/−.

  • p<0.05 WT+Cu vs WT.

  • Values are means±SD, n=5 per group.

  • Mdr2−/−+Cu, curcumin-treated Mdr2−/− mice; WT, wild type.