Table 1

Patients' characteristics

CharacteristicsNormal control (n=9)Inactive UC (n=18)Active UC (n=28)LGD (n=9)HGD (n=7)UC-CRC (n=11)Sporadic CRC (n=14)
Mean age, years±SD39.6±17.843.3±13.541.2±15.641.0±10.539.7±10.7(56.1±16.5)*(68.3±12.2)*
Mean duration of disease, years±SD16.8±10.211.0±9.514.8±5.514.6±9.4(22.3±5.8)†NA
Extent of disease
 Extensive colitis046457
 Left-side colitis11181122
 Immunosuppressive agents611447
 Biological agents31110
Pathological severity
 Grade 0–1180612
 Grade 2–5025036
  • * The mean age of patients in the UC-CRC group (56.1±16.5) and sporadic CRC group (68.3±12.2) was significantly greater than those of other UC-CRC precursor groups (p<0.01).

  • the mean duration of disease of patients with UC-CRC (22.3±5.8) was significantly longer than that of patients in other groups (p<0.01).

  • CRC, colorectal cancer; HGD, high-grade dysplasia; LGD, low-grade dysplasia; UC, ulcerative colitis.