Table 5

Main endoscopic diagnoses (from all endoscopies)

Diagnosis% of 5004 endoscopedn
Any peptic ulcer disease (PUD)361826
PUD alone201024
Any varices11544
Varices alone4.0199
Any portal hypertensive gastropathy (PHG)5.5275
PHG alone0.525
PHG and varices only2.7134
Any malignancy3.7187
 Malignancy alone2.7133
 Malignancy and PUD0.733
 Malignancy and erosive disease (any of oesophagitis, gastritis, duodenitis)0.418
Any oesophagitis241177
 Oesophagitis alone8.9443
Any gastritis/erosions221091
 Gastritis/erosions alone7.2360
Any erosive duodenitis13640
 Erosive duodenitis alone2.3114
Any Mallory-Weiss tear4.3213
 Mallory-Weiss alone2.1106
Other (any)*2.7133
No abnormality seen19961
One diagnosis only502484
Two diagnoses231146
Three or more diagnoses8.3413
  • * Includes angiodysplasia, vascular ectasia, arteriovenous malformation, haemobilia.