Table 1

Baseline characteristics of study group patients

ParametersCyanoacrylate (n=33)β-Blocker (n=34)p Value
Age (median, range) years40 (6–70)39 (6–70)0.702
Sex (male:female)19:1426:80.109
Aetiology of cirrhosis (alcohol/cryptogenic/viral and others)12/14/711/15/80.779
Previous gastric variceal bleed4/333/341
Hepatic encephalopathy (grade I/II)3/333/341
Serum bilirubin (median, range) mg/dl1.6 (0.4–6.9)1.6 (0.3–5.9)0.756
Serum albumin (median, range) g/dl2.8 (1.2–3.7)2.9 (2–3.7)0.782
INR (median, range)1.6 (1.1–3.2)1.5 (1.1–3.1)0.812
Platelets (median, range) 105/ml1.1 (0.4–2.1)1.1 (0.5–3.2)0.695
Serum creatinine (median, range) mg/dl0.7 (0.2–1.5)0.7 (0.3–1.5)0.818
Child–Pugh score (median, range)9 (6–12)9 (6–12)0.753
Child–Pugh class (A/B/C)4/12/175/13/160.970
MELD score (median, range)15 (8–35)15 (8–35)0.360
HVPG (median, range) mm Hg15 (10–23)14 (11–24)0.894
Time interval between index bleed and randomisation (median, range) days7 (4–15)7 (4–14)1
Follow-up (median, range) months26 (3–34)26 (3–34)0.947
Gastro-oesophageal varix type226/3328/340.495
Isolated gastric varix type 16/334/340.495
Size of gastric varix (median, range) mm25 (10–35)25 (10–35)0.202
Portal hypertensive gastropathy12/3317/340.213
Colour of gastric varix (red/blue)25/823/110.572
Spontaneous shunts11/3310/340.791
  • HVPG, hepatic venous pressure gradient; INR, international normalised ratio; MELD, model for end-stage liver disease.