Table 1

Definition of the six components of the magnetic resonance (MR) score

Radiological item of the magnetic resonance scoreAbbreviation*PlaneMR sequenceDefinition
Diffusion-weighted imaging hyperintensityDWI-HIAxialDiffusion-weighted imagingPresence of hyperintensity in the colonic wall segment in the DWI sequence.
Rapid gadolinium enhancement after intravenous contrast medium administrationGADOAxialGradient-echo T1-weighted, arterial phaseGadolinium enhancement in the arterial phase (20 to 25 s after gadolinium infusion)
Differentiation between the mucosa–submucosa complex and the muscularis propriaAxialSingle shot fast spin echo short time echo without fat saturationDistinction in the colonic wall between two layers: (1) mucosa–submucosa complex hyperintensity; (2) muscularis propria hypointensity
Bowel wall thickeningAxial and coronalGradient-echo T1-weighted, delayed phaseThickness of the colonic wall exceeding 5 mm.
Parietal oedemaAxial and coronalSingle shot fast spin echo, short time echo, without fat saturationThickness of the colonic wall exceeding 5 mm and hyperintensity of the mucosa–submucosa complex
UlcerationAxial and coronal2D Steady-state, free precession imaging (Fast Imaging Employing Steady-state Acquisition, General Electric Company, US)Loss of substance in the mucosa–submucosa complex
  • * Used in the text.