Table 2

Baseline characteristics of patients in the ulcerative colitis group (n=35)

n%95% CI
Montreal classification
 E1260 to 14
 E2102913 to 44
 E3236649 to 82
 S06174 to 30
 S1260 to 14
 S27206 to 34
 S3205740 to 74
Concomitant medication(s)*
 Mesalamine102913 to 44
 Oral or intravenous corticosteroids144023 to 57
 Azathioprine7206 to 34
 Cyclosporine6174 to 30
 Tumour necrosis factor antagonists123418 to 51
Male gender1954
Tobacco use130 to 9
Previous abdominal IBD-related surgery0
Simple clinical activity index (Walmsley index)6.14.3
Haemoglobin (g/dl) (n=34)11.52.2
Haematocrit (g/dl) (n=34)34.35.8
Leucocytes (×109/litre) (n=34)9.4103.412
Platelets (×109/litre) (n=34)419148
Albumin (g/l) (n=27)31.87.7
Total modified Baron score (n=16)7.35.8
MedianIQR, 25–75
Patient age at inclusion (years)3727.25–45.5
Patient age at IBD diagnosis (years)2922–35
Disease duration at inclusion (months)6924–128
C reactive protein (mg/l) (n=33)13.32.7–42.4
Serum iron (mg/l) (n=33)0.330.22–0.68
  • * A patient may receive more than one concomitant medication.