Table 3

Baseline characteristics of patients in the Crohn's disease group (n=61)

n%95% CI
Montreal classification
 A111188 to 28
 A2386250 to 75
 A312209 to 30
 B1365946 to 72
 B2172816 to 39
 B38134 to 22
 L1183018 to 41
 L2223624 to 49
 L3213422 to 47
 L4470 to 13
 P264330 to 55
Concomitant medication(s)*
 Mesalamine9156 to 24
 Oral or intravenous corticosteroids172816 to 39
 Azathioprine11188 to 28
 Methotrexate120 to 5
 Tumour necrosis factor antagonists233825 to 50
Male gender2541
Tobacco use183018 to 41
Previous abdominal IBD-related surgery172816 to 39
Haemoglobin (g/dl) (n=61)12.512.0–13.0
Haematocrit (g/dl) (n=61)36.735.4–38.0
Serum iron (mg/l) (n=57)0.610.51–0.72
Albumin (g/l) (n=27)34.731.3–38.1
Simplified endoscopic activity score for Crohn's disease (n=33)11.97.8–15.9
MedianIQR, 25–75
Patient age at IBD diagnosis (years)2318–32.25
Patient age at inclusion (years)3524–45
Disease duration at inclusion (months)7322–169
Crohn's disease activity index (CDAI)16876–257
C-reactive protein (mg/l) (n=61)10.64.9–41.9
Leucocytes (×109/litre) (n=60)8.8807.415–11.000
Platelets (×109/litre) (n=61)360281–489
  • * A patient may receive more than one concomitant medication.