Table 5

Details on the six cases with congenital abnormalities

Treatment groupDrugs and trimesters of administration*IBDMother's age at delivery (years)Tobacco/alcoholObstetric historyBirth weight (g)Gestational age (weeks)Congenital abnormality
Group AThiopurine (1/2/3)CD35No/no5 spontaneous and 1 therapeutic abortions186035 weeks and 3 daysBilateral cataract
Group AThiopurine + anti-TNFα (1/2/3)CD26No/no1 contraceptive abortion364042Cervical angioma
Group B5-ASA + proton pump inhibitor (1/2/3)CD42No/no3 spontaneous abortions366043Partial syndactyly
Group B5-ASA + corticosteroids (1/2/3)CD25No/noNone174039Pierre Robin syndrome
Group B5-ASA (1/2)CD32No/no1 spontaneous abortionNANAComplex cardiac malformation (therapeutic abortion performed)
Group B5-ASA (1) + phloroglucinol + diosmectite (1/2/3)UC33No/noNone275040 weeks and 1 dayOmphalocele
  • * 1, first; 2, second; 3, third trimesters of pregnancy.

  • 5-ASA, 5-aminosalicylic acid; CD, Crohn's disease; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; NA, not available; TNFα, tumour necrosis factor α; UC, ulcerative colitis.