Table 3

Change in endoscopy findings from baseline to final examination (either at month 12 or at study withdrawal), according to Rutgeerts scoring system2 and Crohn's Disease Endoscopic Index of Severity (CDEIS)20

Intention-to-treatAzathioprineMesalazinep Value
Rutgeerts score: decrease ≥1 point19 (63.3%) (n=30)11 (34.4%) (n=32)0.023*
Rutgeert score: median change (range)−1.5 (−4.0 to −2.0)0 (−3.0 to 2.0)0.007
No. (%) of patients with Rutgeerts score at final visit:
(i0) No lesions7 (17.1%)5 (13.5%)
(i1) ≤5 aphthous lesions5 (12.2%)4 (10.8%)
(i2a) >5 aphthous lesions5 (12.2%)3 (8.1%)
(i2b) Lesions confined to the ileocolonic anastomosis4 (9.8%)1 (2.7%)
(i3) Diffuse aphthous ileitis with diffusely inflamed mucosa3 (7.3%)4 (10.8%)
(i4) Diffuse inflammation with large ulcers6 (14.6%)15 (40.5%)
Missing11 (26.8%)5 (13.5%)
CDEIS score: mean change±SD−2.68±4.38 (n=29)−0.55±3.66 (n=33)0.045
  • Only patients in whom endoscopy was performed at both baseline and at month 12 or at the time of study withdrawal were included in analyses of Rutgeerts score.

  • * Two-sided χ2 test.

  • Two-sided Wilcoxon test.