Table 4

Sensitivity analyses of efficacy of prucalopride in chronic idiopathic constipation.

Number of studiesNumber of subjectsRR of failure to respond to therapy95% CII2 valueNumber needed to treat95% CI
All studies726390.820.76 to 0.8860%65 to 9
Risk of bias of trials
 Low315640.840.79 to 0.8929%75 to 10
 High410750.750.61 to 0.9277%53 to 11
Definition of CIC
 Rome II criteria625620.840.81 to 0.8813%76 to 9
 Other criteria1770.360.20 to 0.64N/A21.5 to 4
Duration of therapy
 ≤4 weeks46620.730.60 to 0.9064%43 to 10
 >4 weeks319770.850.81 to 0.9042%86 to 11
Definition of response to therapy
 ≥3 CSBMs per week525090.840.80 to 0.8828%76 to 9
 Other definition21300.550.24 to 1.2584%N/AN/A
 Dose of prucalopride used
 1 mg od33190.680.46 to 1.0082%N/AN/A
 2 mg od515600.850.80 to 0.9018%86 to 11
 4 mg od616150.830.77 to 0.9052%65 to 11
  • N/A, not applicable; CIC, chronic idiopathic constipation; CSBM, complete spontaneous bowel movement; od, once daily.