Table 2

Factors predicting 28-day survival in univariate and multivariate analyses

Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
CovariantHR95% CIp ValueHR95% CIp Value
Corticosteroids0.520.35 to 0.750.00050.430.27 to 0.70.005
Age (years)*1.521.01 to 2.280.045
Prothrombin time at day 0 (s)*0.730.49 to 1.100.13
Bilirubin at day 0 (μmol/l)*2.061.37 to 3.100.0006
Maddrey score at day 02.171.45 to 3.270.00021.021.01 to 1.030.006
Serum creatinine at day 0 (μmol/l)*3.652.43 to 5.50<0.0001
Albumin at day 0 (g/l)*0.690.46 to 1.030.08
AST at day 0 (IU/l)0.970.65 to 1.470.9
White blood cells at day 0 (/mm3)1.671.12 to 2.510.01411 to 1.00010.004
Lille model4.462.86 to 6.96<0.00016.623.09 to 14.15<0.00001
Ascites (%)1.250.77 to 2.030.4
Encephalopathy (%)1.901.24 to 2.900.0022.071.27 to 3.350.003
  • To avoid bias related to the effect of colinearity, when composite scores (Lille and Maddrey) were tested, factors included in them were not included in the multivariate analysis including these scores.

  • After exclusion of the Lille model, in sensitivity analysis aimed at considering only variables on the first day of treatment, corticosteroid treatment was still an independent predictive factor of survival (for more details see Results section).

  • AST, aspartate aminotransferase.