Table 3

Multivariate Cox proportional hazards model analysis for prediction of peptic ulcer rebleeding (ulcerogenic drugs within 14 days before the end time)

HRs95% CIp Value
End stage renal disease1.391.31 to 1.47<0.0001
Ulcerogenic drugs*1.061.06 to 1.06<0.0001
Helicobacter pylori1.171.11 to 1.23<0.0001
Ischaemic heart disease0.860.78 to 0.94<0.0001
Diabetes1.051.00 to 1.100.0563
Liver cirrhosis1.401.34 to 1.47<0.0001
  • * Each one incremental day use within 14 days before the end time.