Table 1

Study cohort characteristics (healthy donors and ART-naive HIV-infected individuals)

Study groupAll HIV+HIV+ (no diarrhoea)HIV+ (with diarrhoea)Healthy controls
Study period in days, median (range)342 (55–3652)2295 (468–3652)198 (55–491)216 (187–3287)
No. of samples per patient, median (range)2 (2–6)6 (3–6)2 (2–3)2 (2–6)
Sex (male/female)56/1623/1033/617/12
Age at sampling, median (range)35.8 (25.2–76)38.3 (26.4–52.5)33.2 (25.2–76)39 (28–56)
CD4 count, median (range)217 (1.5–760)208 (110–350)315 (1.5–760)NA
pVL,* median (range)5×104 (61–5.2×105)6×104 (61–5.3×105)1.9×104 (1.2e3–1.5×105)NA
CDC stage (first sample)
CDC stage (last sample)
HIV subtype
Risk group
  • * RNA copies/ml.

  • Blood transfusion.

  • ART, highly active antiretroviral therapy; CDC, Centers for Disease Control; HET, heterosexual contact; IDU, intravenous drug use; MSM, men having sex with men; NA, not applicable; SMS/TMP, sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim.