Table 2

Study cohort characteristics (healthy donors and patients with IBD)

Study groupCrohn's diseaseUlcerative colitisHealthy controls
Age at sampling, mean (range)39 (20–61)52 (34–70)40 (26–58)
Sex (male/female)11/78/28/16
CDAI score 0–600, mean (range)114 (0–432)NANA
Mayo score 0–6, mean (range)NA4 (0–6)NA
Disease location
  • Ileal disease (n=5)

  • Colonic disease (n=2)

  • Small and large intestinal disease (n=11)

Colonic involvement (n=10)NA
Complications (fissue, fistula, stenosis, stricture)
  • Uncomplicated (n=3)

  • One or more complications (n=15)

Uncomplicated (n=10)NA
MedicationCombinations of 5-ASA preparations, methotrexate, anti-TNF and/or corticosteroidsCombinations of 5-ASA preparations, methotrexate, mercaptopurines, ciclosporin, anti-TNF and/or corticosteroidsNone
  • ASA, 5-aminosalicylic acid; CDAI, Crohn's disease activity index; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; NA, not applicable; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.