Table 1

Comparison of baseline characteristics between subjects who underwent follow-up colonoscopy (n=2452) and those who did not (n=1351) in each risk group

5-year follow-upNormal group*Low-risk groupHigh-risk group
YesNop ValueYesNop ValueYesNop Value
Number (%)1242 (56.9)941 (43.1)671 (71.8)263 (28.2)539 (78.6)147 (21.4)
Age (years), mean±SD56.7±8.854.0±9.8<0.00157.8±8.357.0±9.00.12959.8±8.459.8±9.10.713
Male (%)63.457.8<0.00168.369.70.60173.372.30.533
Family history of CRC (%)
BMI (kg/m2), mean±SD24.0±2.723.6±2.90.18024.2±2.624.0±2.70.20324.5±2.724.4±2.70.296
WC (cm), mean±SD86.9±7.585.5±8.00.10787.4±7.386.7±7.30.34688.7±7.387.9±7.50.121
Current smoking (%)18.716.50.15022.121.70.69225.226.10.348
Alcohol consumption (%)10.815.70.08220.722.60.45326.924.60.314
Aspirin and/or NSAID use (%)
Statin use (%)
College graduate (%)79.872.60.01577.175.90.28076.577.00.552
High economic status (%)§
  • * Subjects with no adenoma at baseline colonoscopy.

  • Subjects with one or two adenomas <10 mm at baseline colonoscopy.

  • Subjects with an advanced adenoma or ≥3 adenomas at baseline colonoscopy.

  • § Monthly family income ≥US$5000.

  • BMI, body mass index; CRC, colorectal cancer; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; WC, waist circumference.