Table 1

Comparison of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) users (at any of the assessment points) and CAM non-users on demographic and baseline clinical information

CAM users (ever) (n=229)CAM non-users (n=80)
 Male (%)3545
 Female (%)6555
Age distribution (%)
 <30 years3125
 31–50 years4641
 >50 years2434
Age in years
 Mean years (SD)40.1 (14.3)43.4 (15.7)
Employment (%)
 Full/part time6858
 Not working (homemaker/retired)1425
Education (%)
 No post secondary3641
 Some post-secondary (trade/diploma)4134
Income (dollars per year) (%)
 <$40 0002529
 $40–59 0002922
 $60–79 0002224
 $80 000 or more2424
Disease type (%)
 Crohn's disease4956
 Ulcerative colitis5144
Hospitalised for IBD (%)
Prior surgery (%)
Disease duration M0 (%)
 0–4 Years5453
 4–7 Years4647
  • χ2 Comparisons indicated that none of the variables were significantly different between CAM users and non-users (except for sex (female) at three of four assessment time points—see text for details).

  • IBD, inflammatory bowel disease.