Table 2

Brief ICF core set for IBD

ICF code and levelICF category
Body functions (b)b130Energy and drive functions
b134Sleep functions
b152Emotional functions
b1801Body image
b28012Pain in stomach or abdomen
b515Digestive functions
b525Defecation functions
Body structures (s)s540Structure of intestine
s770Additional musculoskeletal structures related to movement
Activities and participation (d)d5301Regulating defecation
d570Looking after one's health
d7Interpersonal interactions and relationships
d840–d859Work and employment
Environmental factors (e)e110Products or substances for personal consumption
e310Immediate family
e355Health professionals
e570Social security services, systems and policies
e580Health services, systems and policies
  • IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; ICF, International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.