Table 3

Quantitative PCR results of six bacterial biomarkers using the validation samples (n=83)

StrainPancreatic cancer versus healthy controlPancreatic cancer versus chronic pancreatitisPancreatic cancer versus non-cancer
p ValueAUCFold changep ValueAUCFold changep ValueAUCFold change
Atopobium parvulum0.840.550.110.590.310.59
Granulicatella adiacens0.170.580.040.613.50 (+)0.020.642.30 (+)
Neisseria elongata0.020.662.84 (−)0.770.520.100.59
Prevotella nigrescens0.090.600.150.630.820.52
Streptococcus australis0.290.550.120.610.650.53
Streptococcus mitis0.020.682.45 (−)0.010.692.06 (−)0.0020.682.25 (−)
  • qPCR was performed to validate the HOMIM microarray findings of an independent clinical cohort, including saliva from 28 patients with pancreatic cancer, 28 healthy control subjects and 27 patients with chronic pancreatitis.

  • Wilcoxon test: validated if p<0.05. (+): increased risk in pancreatic cancer; (−): decreased risk in pancreatic cancer.

  • Fold change is only shown for the validated biomarkers.

  • AUC, area under the curve.