Table 1

Cost, effect and net benefit for all the included strategies for a cohort of 100 000 subjects invited for screening

No screeningAspirinSigmoidoscopySigmoidoscopy and aspirinColonoscopyColonoscopy and aspirin
CRC cases (n)590338584078248717591105
CRC prevented (n)20451824341540144605
CRC prevention rate (%)3531586878
CRC deaths (n)248214581503779803477
CRC death prevention rate (%)4139696881
Life-years gained (n)6232794512 21513 92215 108
Gain in life expectancy per person (days)2329455155
Screening cost (US$ per person)2991293159624862788
Care for CRC (US$ per person)222714921524944619381
Total (US$ per person)222717912817254031053169
ICER vs no screening (US$ per life-year gained)Dominates (saving US$436 per person)*7434651163076237
  • * When a strategy was more effective and less costly than no screening (no screening being dominated), saving per person instead of the ICER was provided.

  • CRC, colorectal cancer; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio.