Table 3

Helicobacter pylori resistance to antibiotics according to country of residence in Europe in adult patients

European regionNo. of resistant strains/No. tested% Resistance95% CI
 Northern31/4017.75.4 to 10.7
 Western/Central136/72518.716.1 to 21.7
 Southern165/76721.519.9 to 25.5
 Northern31/4017.75.4 to 10.7
 Western/Central135/72518.615.9 to 21.6
 Southern101/76713.111.0 to 15.8
 Northern115/40128.624.3 to 33.1
 Western/Central318/72543.840.2 to 47.3
 Southern228/76729.726.5 to 32.9
  • Northern Europe: Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, The Netherlands, UK.

  • Western/Central Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland.

  • Southern Europe: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain.