Table 2

Endomicroscopic features of local barrier dysfunction in IBD and controls

Crohn's diseaseUlcerative colitisControlsp Value*
Patients (N)7612NA
Average number of optical biopsies33.842.136.6NS
Gaps (%)8.6±1.38.2±2.12.5±0.9<0.0001
Microerosions (%)1.8±0.61.4±0.70.1±0.03<0.0001
Fluorescein leakage (% of optical biopsies)32.4±9.328.9±7.24.2±3.1<0.0001
  • % Gaps and microerosions refer the proportion of the perimeter of epithelial surface with gaps or microerosions.

  • * p Value: t test IBD patients (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis) versus controls.

  • IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; NA, not applicable; NS, not significant.