Table 3

Characteristics of endoscopic surveillance

Total no of colonoscopies146
Median (range) no of colonoscopies per patient2.0 (1–11)
Mean±SD (range) age at first colonoscopy (years)50.8±12.2 (22–71)
Mean±SD (range) age at last colonoscopy (years)56.1±12.6 (24–78)
Median (range) follow-up (years)2.0 (0–30)
Median (range) colonoscopy surveillance interval (years)1.0 (0.5–6.0)
No of patients with EGD screening22
No of patients with serrated polyps/adenomas on EGD0
Mean±SD (range) age at EGD screening (years)55.6±12 (29–77)
  • EGD, oesophogastroduodenoscopy.