Table 1

Pancreatic ductal epithelium disease in EL-KrasG12D/pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) null mice (Kras/PEDF−/−) compared with EL-KrasG12D/PEDF wild type control mice (Kras/PEDF+/+)

AgeAcinar ductal metaplasia (%)* Cystic papillary neoplasms frequency Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC)
Kras/PEDF+/+Kras/PEDF −/−Kras/PEDF+/+Kras/PEDF −/−Kras/PEDF+/+Kras/PEDF −/−
6–12 mo27.3%59.4%§ 4.615.1§ 0/100/9
13–22 mo42.0%83.5% 11.635.6§ 0/146/41**
  • * Per cent metaplastic acini per total number of acini counted in 3 medium power (20× objective) fields per animal.

  • Mean number per 10 low power (10× objective) fields.

  • Number of animals with PDAC/total number of animals.

  • § p<0.05 compared to Kras/PEDF+/+.

  • p<0.01 compared to Kras/PEDF+/+.

  • ** Two out of the six animals with PDAC had metastases to the liver.