Table 4

Characteristics of colorectal neoplasia

No (%) of patients with SSA/P or adenomas at first colonoscopy25 (61)
No (%) of patients with SSA/P or adenoma at last colonoscopy34 (83)
Mean±SD (range) age of SSA/P or adenoma diagnosis (years)51.7±11.6 (22–71)
Mean±SD (range) time from colonoscopy without SSA/P or adenomas to colonoscopy with SSA/P or adenomas (years)1.8±1.5 (0.5–5)
No (%) of patients with recurrent SSA/P or adenomas19 (68)
Mean±SD (range) time to development of any recurrent polyp (years)2.5±2.2 (0.5–10)
No (%) of patients with colorectal cancer3 (7.6)
  • SSA/P, sessile serrated adenomas/polyps.