Table 1

Characteristics of patients with serrated polyposis syndrome.

Age (years)Gender†No. polyps (adenomas and serrated polyps)*No. serrated polyps*Synchronic advanced adenomas†Location of serrated polyps†Largest serrated polyp (mm)*Synchronic CRC†Surgical management†Family history of CRC
157Female2018YesProximal colon10NoNoNo
253Male3535NoThroughout the colon30Yes (T1N0M0)Total colectomyNo
356Female5050NoThroughout the colon20Yes (T2N1M0)Total colectomyNo
453Male2525NoDistal colon15NoNoNo
564Female4030YesThroughout the colon40NoTotal colectomyNo
653Female2121NoThroughout the colon12NoNoNo
750Male2120NoThroughout the colon7NoNoNo
853Female77NoProximal colon13NoNoNo
Total54.8 (±4.3)*3 Males (37.5%)27.4 (±13.6)*25.8 (±12.9)*2 (25%)5 throughout the colon (62.5%)18.4 (±11.2)*2 (25%)3 (37.5%)0 (0%)
  • *Expressed as mean±SD.

  • †Percentage related to the total of patients with serrated polyposis syndrome (n=8). Proximal colon is defined as proximal to the rectosigmoid.

  • CRC, colorectal cancer.