Table 1

Terms evaluated for this review

TermPubMed hits until January 2011*
 Coeliac disease (CD) 14 843
 Asymptomatic CD39
 Classical CD10
 Paediatric classical CD
 Potential CD33
 Refractory CD109
 Subclinical CD43
 Symptomatic CD26
 CD autoimmunity 16
 Genetically at risk of CD
 Dermatitis herpetiformis 2759
 Gluten 8879
 Gluten ataxia28
 Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity85
 Gliadin-specific antibodies§ 5
 Overt CD10
 Gluten-related disorders12
 Atypical CD13
 Latent CD78
 Typical CD11
 Gluten intolerance244
 Gluten sensitivity241
 Silent CD80
 CD serology 15
  • * We searched PubMed for the period 1 January 1900 to 31 January 2011. Individual authors then examined papers deemed most relevant. When the phrase ‘coeliac disease’ is part of the definition, we searched PubMed for the relevant term and coeliac disease (British and American spelling). For example, ‘silent coeliac disease’ [All Fields] OR ‘silent coeliac disease’ [All Fields] AND (‘1900/01/01’ [PDAT]: ‘2011/01/31’ [PDAT]).

  • For these terms, our literature review was entirely based on expert consensus of the literature because it was beyond the scope of this paper to review all papers identified through PubMed (or as in the case of ‘paediatric classical CD’ there were no hits).

  • We searched for ‘coeliac disease autoimmunity’ and ‘coeliac autoimmunity’ (British and American spelling).

  • § A search for ‘gluten and antibodies’ yielded 2529 hits.

  • Although we discourage the use of the term ‘CD serology’, we have provided a definition for this term.