Table 4

Outcome of colonoscopic surveillance in LS

Author/yearNo of participantsMean follow-up (years)Interval recommend (years)Risk interval cancer* No of interval cancersLocation right colon (%)Local stage (stage I & II) (%)Death CRC
By follow-up timeBy age 60 years
Mecklin et al (2007)44 4206.72M 35% F 22%2657805
Engel et al (2010)46 11263.7125Not reported95Not reported
Vasen et al (2010)45 7457.21–26%/10 years3362830
Stuckless et al (2011)47 109Ca 101–22162781
  • *Defined as CRC that develops after a negative screening colonoscopy.

  • CRC, colorectal cancer; LS, Lynch syndrome.