Table 8

Outome of studies on the effect of environmental factors on the risk of adenomas and CRC in LS

Author/yearType of studyNo of participantsEnvironmental factorEndpointOutome
Voskuil et al (2002)92 Case–control62 Cases
83 Controls
MeatAdenomasNo association
Diergaarde et al (2007)93 Case–control145 Cases
103 Controls
Alcohol/smokingAdenomasIncreased risk
Fruit/fibreAdenomasDecreased risk
Watson et al (2004)94 Retrospective analysis360 CarriersSmokingCRCIncreased risk
271 CarriersAlcoholCRCNo association
Pande et al (2010)95 Retrospective analysis752 CarriersSmokingCRCIncreased risk
Botma et al (2010)96 Prospective cohort study468 CarriersBMIAdenomasIncreased risk in males
Win et al (2011)97 Retrospective analysis1324 Carriers 1219 Non-carriersBMICRCIncreased risk
Winkels et al (2012)98 Prospective cohort study468 CarriersSmokingAdenomasIncreased risk
AlcoholAdenomasNo significant association
Mathers et al (2012)100 Randomised controlled trial918 CarriersResistant starchCRCNo effect
Botma et al (2012)99 Prospective cohort study468 CarriersDietary patternsAdenomasWith ‘snack’ dietary pattern* increased risk of adenomas
  • *‘Snack’ dietary pattern: high intake of chips, fried snacks, fast food snacks, spring rolls, mayonaise based sauces, cooking fat and butter, peanut sauce, ketchup, sweets and soda water.

  • BMI, body mass index; CRC, colorectal cancer; LS, Lynch syndrome.