Table 1

Characteristics of pancreatic cancer cases and control subjects selected from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition cohort for this analysis

CasesControlsp Values*
Males (%)48.447.8
Mean (SD) age at blood collection (y)57.8 (8.0)57.8 (7.9)
Smoking status (%)0.09
Mean (SD) body mass index (kg/m2)26.7 (4.3)25.9 (3.9)0.01
Mean (SD) height (cm)168.5 (9.1)168.2 (9.9)0.43
Mean (SD) waist circumference (cm)90.2 (12.5)88.8 (12.9)0.11
Mean (SD) alcohol at baseline (g/d)15.8 (22.2)15.1 (24.0)0.88
Diabetes (%)
Postmenopausal (%, among women)70.373.30.40
  • *Paired t-test for continuous variables and McNemar's test for categorical variables; p values for variables that were used to match cases and controls are not shown (ie, sex, age, length of follow-up).