Table 2

Distribution of disease relapse episodes according to initial treatment strategies, and location and frequency for those treated with steroids

Type 1 AIPType 2 AIP
Relapse, n%Relapse, n%
Initial treatment
 Surgical resection35/11630.20/250
 Palliative surgical bypass11/2347.80/20
Disease relapses following steroid treatment
Location of relapsen=245 episodesn=8 episodes
 Biliary system12450.6
 Other (RPF or NOS)135.3
Frequency per subject
 One relapse18977.18100
 Two relapses3915.9
 Three relapses135.3
 ≥4 relapses41.6
  • AIP, Autoimmune pancreatitis; RPF, retroperitoneal fibrosis; NOS, not otherwise specified.