Table 1

Initial treatment strategies and treatment details for those treated with steroids

Type 1 AIP (n=901†)Type 2 AIP (n=85†)
Successful remission, n%Successful remission, n%
Initial treatment
 Surgical resection125/12798.417/2568.0
 Palliative surgical bypass22/2395.71/250.0
Type 1 AIP (n=724)Type 2 AIP (n=53)
n%n%p Value*
Indications for steroid treatment
 Pancreatitis/abdominal pain198273464<0.001
 Abnormal imaging (diffuse pancreatic enlargement, pancreas mass)711000.01
 Salivary gland enlargement49700.04
 Diagnostic steroid trial466480.77
 Retroperitoneal fibrosis17200.62
 IgG4-related renal disease91.200.99
 IgG4-related lung disease40.600.99
 Inflammatory bowel disease10.12348<0.001
 Other (hyperglycaemia, weight loss, etc)2030
Diabetes management
 Oral medications99/596176/46130.53
 Insulin therapy136/596234/4690.03
Endoscopic management (for subjects with jaundice)
 Biliary stent placement351/4927110/13770.77
  • *p Values represent comparison of proportions between patients with type 1 and type 2 AIP using χ2 and Fisher's exact t test, when appropriate.

  • †Seventy-seven subjects with type 1 AIP and one subject with type 2 AIP are not displayed in the table due to pending response to treatment at study closure.

  • AIP, Autoimmune pancreatitis.