TableĀ 1

Minimum endoscopic dataset required when reporting the finding of Barrett's oesophagus

FindingReporting systemNomenclature
Barrett's oesophagus lengthPrague classificationCnMn (where n is length in cm)
Barrett's islandsDescribe distance from the incisors and length in cmDescriptive in the text
Hiatus herniaDistance between diaphragmatic pinch and GOJyes/no; cm
Visible lesionsNumber and distance from incisorsyes/no; cm
Classification of visible lesionsParis classification0-Ip, protruded pedunculated
0-Is, protruded sessile
0-IIa, superficial elevated
0-IIb, flat
0-IIc, superficial depressed
0-III, excavated
BiopsiesLocation and number of samples takenn cm (distance from incisors) Xn
  • GOJ, gastro-oesophageal junction.