Table 6

Extent of disease activity and previous treatments prior to rituximab (RTX) treatment

Disease activity warranting RTX treatmentImmunomodulator use prior to RTXPrevious steroid courses (n)Indication for RTX
Subject #ClinicalLiver enzymesRadiographic
1Abdominal painNormalPancreas: diffuse enlargementAZA×12 months3IM resistant (relapse on AZA)
2Jaundice, weight loss, visual lossT Bili, AP >3×ULNBiliary: hilar and intrahepatic duct strictures6-MP×4 months3IM resistant (steroid dependent)
3JaundiceT Bili, AP >3×ULNBiliary: left hepatic and distal common bile duct strictures1Steroid intolerant
4Abdominal painNormalPancreas: massMMF×15 months3IM resistant (relapse on MMF)
5Abdominal pain, jaundiceT Bili, AP >3×ULNBiliary: common hepatic strictureAZA×14 months3IM resistant (relapse on AZA)
6NoneAP >3×ULNBiliary: hilar stricture
Pancreas: diffuse enlargement
6-MP×17 months3IM resistant (relapse on 6-MP)
7NoneAP >3×ULNBiliary: intrahepatic pruning (MRCP)AZA×10 months2IM resistant (steroid dependent)
8PruritusAP >3×ULNBiliary: hilar strictureAZA×4 months3IM resistant (steroid dependent)
9Abdominal pain, weight loss, sialadenitisNormalPancreas: mass Retroperitoneal fibrosisSteroid intolerant
10Cough, fatigue, lymphadenopathyNormalPancreas: massSteroid intolerant
11Jaundice, weight lossT Bili, AP >3×ULNBiliary: distal common bile duct strictureSteroid intolerant
12LymphadenopathyNormalDiffuse lymphadenopathy (axillary, iliac, retroperitoneal)AZA×7 months2IM resistant (relapse on AZA)
  • 6-MP, 6-mercaptopruine; AP, alkaline phosphatase; AZA, azathioprine; IM, immunomodulator; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; T Bili, total bilirubin; ULN, upper limits of normal.