Table 4

Correlation of cell-to-cell adhesion proteins with duodenal integrity and low-grade inflammation

r/ρp Valuer/ρp Valuer/ρp Value
FITC-dx4 passage−0.290.14−0.450.02−0.510.01
MBP+ cells/HPF−0.560.003*−0.490.02−0.500.01
Tryptase+ cells/HPF−0.440.02−0.460.02−0.500.0005*
  • Expression of p-OCLN, β-catenin and E-cadherin were correlated with TEER, FITC-dx4 passage, and mast cell and eosinophil counts. n=12 for healthy volunteers and n=11 for patients with FD at least. p<0.05 is shown in bold. * indicates significant correlations after correction for multiple testing.

  • FD, functional dyspepsia; FITC-dx4, fluorescently labelled dextran; HPF, high power field; MBP, major basic protein; p-OCLN, serine/threonine-phosphorylated occludin; TEER, transepithelial electrical resistance.