Table 4

Details of immunomodulator (IM) treatment in patients* treated with azathioprine (AZA), 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP) or mycophenolate mofetil (MMF)

AZA (n=31)†6-MP (n=6)MMF (n=11)
Duration from diagnosis to drug initiation (months)10.0 (1.1–266)9.5 (5.5–37.7)11.0 (1.0–55.6)
Dose (mg)150 (50–200)100 (37.5–200)1750/day (1000–2000)
Dose (mg/kg/day)1.9 (0.5–2.5)1.5 (0.7–2.6)
Duration of treatment (months)9.8 (0.7–43.9)9.0 (0.2–17.5)17.4 (3.0–50.8)
Indication for drug discontinuation
 Disease remission7/30 (23%)3/6 (50%)3/11 (27%)
 Relapse on treatment9/30 (30%)1/6 (17%)3/11 (27%)
 Side effects5/30 (17%)2/6 (33%)0/11 (0)
 Continued at follow-up9/30 (30%)5/11 (45%)
  • Data presented are median (range), unless otherwise indicated.

  • *Patients treated with more than one medication (n=8) are detailed in multiple columns. For patients treated with multiple courses of the same medication (n=5) the longer course is described, and worst-case scenarios are recorded for side effects and relapse rates (if they tolerated treatment once, but later relapsed on IM, this was counted as a relapse).

  • †Complete drug details for one patient who received AZA were not available.