Table 5

Clinical details of nine interval cancers detected on colonoscopy exams with clinical symptoms as the indications for the procedure

Age/genderIndication†LocationTime since prior colo (years)Adenomas prior colo (size cm)StageDied of CRC
67 MBlood in stoolRectum3.5NoneINo
75 MColovesical fistulaSigmoid1.5AC (0.4)IVYes
74 MBlood in stoolCecum0.5AC (0.9)INo
73 MAbdominal painProximal*2.0AC (0.5) and SC (0.5)IYes
72 MAnaemiaAscending2.2SC (0.4)IINo
71 MBleedingRectum2.4AC (0.25) and TC (1.0)INo
61 MChange in bowelsRecto-sigmoid2.4NoneIVNo
70 MT1 symptomsHepatic flexure1.2SC (12.5) and 3 Ce (0.5)IVYes
71 MWeight loss; haematocheziaHepatic flexure2.5NoneIIYes
  • *Precise location unspecified. 

  • †Indication field is derived from the pooled data set and was the indication abstracted from the indication field of the colonoscopy report.

  • AC, ascending colon; Ce, cecum; CRC, colorectal cancer; SC, sigmoid colon; TC, transverse colon.