Table 3

E coli uptake and replication within J774-A1 murine macrophages

StrainUptake of bacteria* (CFU/well×104)Fold replication 6 h/3 h†Fold replication 24 h/3 h†
 + pCC1FOS9.3±1.61.70±0.230.69±0.16
 + pCC1FOS/pUC1811.0±2.10.86±0.051.21±0.12
 + pCC1FOS/pUC Afa0.6±0.1‡1.07±0.060.27±0.10
  • Data expressed as means±SEM, determined from N=2–7 independent experiments, with each experiment performed with n=2–3 replicates.

  • *CFU recovered from lysed macrophages after 3 h (2 h infection followed by 1 h gentamicin treatment).

  • †Recovered intracellular bacteria from lysed macrophages after 6 h or 24 h, relative to intracellular numbers at 3 h. Statistical analysis was performed using Mann–Whitney U with Bonferroni correction.

  • ‡Significantly different from EPI300-T1/pCC1FOS+pUC18; p<0.0001.

  • §Significantly different from EPI300-T1/pCC1FOS; p<0.0001.

  • CFU, colony-forming units.