Table 3

Description of CRC cases by study

Study (N)APPS (837)CPPS (913)AFT (1086)PPT (2024)WBF (1304)NPS (939)VA (871)UDCA (1193)Total
CRC, N (%/N study)5 (0.6)8 (0.9)6 (0.6)13 (0.6)8 (0.6)3 (0.3)*8 (0.9)7 (0.6)58 (0.6)
Cancer/1000 person-years follow-up1.522.241.771.521.771.14*2.141.691.71
Stage I or II CRC N5658835545
Right sided N (%)2445535129
Died CRC N (%)020220309
  • *Does not include two cancers detected after the first 3 years of this study during a longer period of clinical follow-up as reported elsewhere.15

  • AFT, Aspirin Folate Trial; APPS, Antioxidant Polyp Prevention Study; CPPS, Calcium Polyp Prevention Study; CRC, colorectal cancer; NPS, National Polyp Study; PPT, Polyp Prevention Trial; UDCA, Ursodoxycholic Acid Study; VA, Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study; WBF, Wheat Bran Fiber Study.