Table 6

Responsiveness statistics for the IBD-Control summary scores in subjects who improved or deteriorated. Data for stable patients (no change) are included for reference

Criteria for change in statenMean difference (SD)Effect size*Standardised response mean†Modified standardised response mean‡
(A) IBD-Control-8 sub-score
 Improved by >10 points19+5.50 (4.69)1.441.172.72
 No change (±10 points)63+0.13 (2.02)
 Deteriorated by >10 points26−4.92 (3.88)0.991.272.44
Physician global assessment
 Improved by ≥1 point27+4.52 (5.56)1.080.811.22
 No change320.00 (3.72)
 Deteriorated by ≥1 point27−3.32 (4.81)0.760.690.89
(B) IBD-Control-VAS
 Improved by >10 points19+28.21 (31.33)1.090.901.84
 No change (±10 points)63+0.84 (15.34)
 Deteriorated by >10 points26−26.85 (28.20)0.900.951.75
Physician global assessment
 Improved by ≥1 point27+29.55 (31.78)1.140.931.28
 No change32−0.56 (23.00)
 Deteriorated by ≥1 point27−19.71 (30.53)0.760.650.86
  • *Effect size (ES)=Mean difference divided by the SD of the baseline absolute scores for the group.

  • †Standardised response mean (SRM)=Mean difference divided by SD of the difference for the group.

  • ‡Modified SRM (MSRM)=Mean difference for the group divided by SD of the difference for unchanged patients.

  • IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; QoL, quality of life.