Table 3

Multiple logistic regression analysis adjusting for age and gender to examine risk factors for postcolonoscopy colorectal cancers (PCCRC)

Postcolonoscopy vs prevalent CRCs*OR95% CIp Value
Proximal location (vs distal)3.922.71 to 5.69<0.001
Size in cm (continuous)0.780.70 to 0.87<0.001
Flat appearance (vs protruded)1.701.18 to 2.430.004
≥50% mucinous histology (vs <50%)1.610.94 to 2.760.085
Specialty of endoscopist (gastroenterologist vs non-gastroenterologist)1.330.81 to 2.190.266
Hospital setting (university vs non-university hospital)1.220.82 to 1.830.333
  • *Adjusted for age and gender.

  • CRC, colorectal cancer.