Table 5

Construct validity: Correlations between the IBD-Control summary scores and external measures of health status in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) at baseline assessment

External measureIBD-Control-8IBD-Control-VAS
UK-IBD-QoL score0.860.810.900.760.650.85
EQ-5D utility score0.700.680.670.520.500.58
EQ-5D VAS0.680.650.710.700.690.71
Physician global assessment−0.58−0.45−0.67−0.58−0.47−0.65
Harvey-Bradshaw Indexn/a−0.68n/an/a−0.60n/a
Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Indexn/an/a−0.72n/an/a−0.75
  • Correlation expressed as Spearman's ρ values (p<0.01 in all cases).

  • CD, Crohn's disease; QoL, quality of life; UC, ulcerative colitis, VAS, visual analogue scale.