Table 5

Independent risk factors for new or recurrent cancer in patients with previous cancer

 Risk of new cancer (n=17)Risk of recurrent cancer (n=6)
Adjusted OR95% CIp ValueAdjusted OR95% CIp Value
All patients with previous cancer (n=405)
 Exposure to any immunosuppressant at entry
  Yes1.350.40 to 4.540.630.330.01 to 8.290.50
 Recent cancer (<2-year) at entry
  Yes1.500.50 to 4.460.470.370.04 to 3.790.40
Patients without previous or incident cases of NMSC* (n=382)
 Exposure to any immunosuppressant at entry
  Yes0.700.17 to 2.980.630.450.01 to 15.30.66
 Recent cancer (<2 years) at entry
  Yes2.270.72 to to 3.90.43
  • *Exclusion of 21 and 4 cases of previous and new cases of NMSC, respectively.

  • NMSC, non-melanoma skin cancer; Ref, reference.